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Kim Kardashian: When it comes to Trump, prisoners ‘don’t care who signs that clemency paper’

(Evan Agostini/Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)

Criminal justice crusader Kim Kardashian West continued her advocacy on Sunday’s “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” as she and her team pushed for a prison reform bill.

The reality star worked to garner President Trump’s support for the First Step Act on the episode, which was filmed in November as the Woolsey Fire raged through the Los Angeles area, threatening Kardashian’s home.

“The last time any bill like this has ever been passed was over a decade ago,” she said in a meeting with attorney Jessica Jackson before attending a prison justice summit for which she was a keynote speaker alongside political commentator Van Jones.

Cameras then showed Kardashian and a group huddled around a phone backstage at the summit, watching a live news conference in which Trump announced his stance on the reform bill.

“It’s a first step, but it’s a very big step,” Trump said, eliciting cheers from the group accompanying the celebrity, which included Alice Marie Johnson, who Kardashian helped and to whom Trump granted clemency. “I’m thrilled to announce my support for this bipartisan bill.”

Kim Kardashian returned to the White House for another meeting on prison reform

Jones and Kardashian then took to the stage, where he asked her about backlash she’s received from working with Trump to free nonviolent offenders.

“I did consider the fact that I would get a lot of backlash if I went to the White House,” Kardashian said, but, “meeting all of the people that I’ve met behind bars, I guarantee you, they don’t care who signs that clemency paper.”

In addition to her advocacy work, Kardashian dedicates about 18 hours a week to her law studies, which she admitted to Jones is a struggle. Jones is an attorney who no longer practices. “Real talk . . . There’s so much reading to do,” she said. “I’m dying here."

Though Kardashian is the most politically active of the Kardashian clan, she isn’t the only sister to take to Washington by storm: Kourtney, the oldest of the famous kin, advocated for cosmetics safety on the Hill in a 2018 episode.