When Robert S. Mueller testified Wednesday before the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees, the spectacle became a fun-house mirror for journalists dissecting the words and the optics.

Some Pulitzer-winning political cartoonists, such as the Sacramento Bee’s Jack Ohman and the Charlotte Observer’s Kevin Siers, saw a special counsel who could hem-and-haw haltingly, or give very short answers -- yet who was unequivocal on the matter of whether his report exonerated President Trump.

Other cartoonists, such as the Boston Globe’s Christopher Weyant, viewed Mueller’s choices of verbiage as being overly political or oblique:

Other political artists, such as Bob Englehart of the Cagle Cartoons syndicate, satirized Trump’s claim that Mueller’s words could be interpreted as official exoneration.

Elsewhere, numerous cartoonists essentially reviewed the testimony as political theater -- with some contending that Mueller’s book was better than whatever we were seeing on the screen.

Patrick Bagley (Salt Lake Tribune):

Lisa Benson (WPWG):

R.J. Matson (CQ Roll Call):

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