After this week’s twin Democratic presidential debates, no one was emerging as a breakaway winner, according to commentators — least of all the party itself.

“By the end of the evening” after Wednesday’s debate in Detroit, wrote Washington Post columnist Dan Balz, “the candidates had done as much to make a case against one another as against the president, without offering much in the way of an aspirational message or connecting directly with the voters they will need to win the presidential election.”

Noting Wednesday’s critical barrage against former vice president Joe Biden, The Fix’s Aaron Blake reported: “The exchange showcased many of the deep divides within the party that are taking on greater urgency as the candidates strive to make gains before the field narrows.”

And The Post’s political team observed: “The prospect of going toe-to-toe with Trump has loomed over these early debates.”

Here is how some American political cartoonists are satirizing the state of affairs among the swath of Democratic candidates:

Jack Ohman (Sacramento Bee):

David Fitzsimmons (Arizona Daily Star):

Dave Granlund (Cagle Cartoons):

Tom Toles (The Washington Post):


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