Throughout October, as the House’s impeachment inquiry pressed on, the American public stayed “sharply divided” over what political fate President Trump deserves, according to recent polls.

One day after the House passed a formal impeachment resolution, The Washington Post reported Friday that 49 percent of the electorate thinks Trump should be “impeached and removed from office,” while 47 percent disagreed with that idea, according to a Post-ABC News poll.

Among American political cartoonists, meanwhile, such Pulitzer Prize-winning artists as Adam Zyglis, Signe Wilkinson and The Post’s Tom Toles depicted Trump trying to hold back the political forces massing against him, as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) gains an upper hand. Lisa Benson of The Washington Post Writers Group, on the other hand, depicted the impeachment inquiry as a clown show, with or without a formal resolution.

Here is how some cartoonists are rendering judgment this week:

Adam Zyglis:

Kevin Siers:

Lisa Benson:

Signe Wilkinson:

Tom Toles:

Christopher Weyant: