Chrissy Teigen made a cryptic confession to her nearly 12 million Twitter followers Tuesday night: “I have big news and it’s killing me I can’t say it and it’s not a baby,” the model and author wrote.

About an hour later, the news broke: her husband, singer John Legend, had been named People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive. “My secret is out,” she wrote alongside a photo of the annual issue’s 2019 cover, which depicts the 40-year-old (real name: John Stephens) with one eyebrow raised as he buttons — or, perhaps, unbuttons — a dapper suit jacket.

A flurry of tweets followed: There was “#EGOTPSMA,” which Teigen wrote in a reference to the EGOT status the singer achieved last year. She added a trio of heart-eye emoji while retweeting People’s official announcement. “The not care,” she reported of the couple’s young children, sharing a video of 3-year-old Luna and 1-year-old Miles as they offered lackluster reactions to their dad’s latest accolade.

And because Teigen is a celebrity on social media, she predicted that some outrage would follow. “I cannot WAIT for people to get mad about John being the sexiest man alive. it’s my new Starbucks holiday cup,” she wrote before tweeting a spicy response to one such critic.

Teigen also retweeted a self-deprecating tweet from Legend, who shared a photo of himself as a bespectacled teen next to an alluring, more recent photo of last year’s Sexiest Man Alive, Idris Elba. It wasn’t exactly a fair comparison, she conceded, noting that Elba was “prob still very hot” in the mid-'90s. Legend likewise acknowledged in his People interview that he had an “awkward phase,” particularly leading up to his years at his Ivy League alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania.

The kicker to Teigen’s Twitter celebration arrived three hours after Teigen noted she had not-so-subtly tweaked her Twitter bio to reflect the news: “the sexiest man alive just made me a ham sandwich,” she wrote.

It has been an eventful few months for the celebrity couple, who have been married since 2013. Teigen is well-known for her lively social media presence, particularly her willingness to confront trolls critiquing her parenting approach, her appearance and more. Her comebacks found an even broader audience in September when President Trump derided the couple on Twitter after seeing Legend, one of his most vocal celebrity critics, on an MSNBC town hall special.

Teigen was widely praised for her pointedly vulgar response to the president’s tweet, in which Trump called Legend “boring” and referred to the best-selling cookbook author as his “filthy mouthed wife.” Just over a month later, the couple and their children appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair as the magazine proclaimed them “The First Family We Deserve!"

“Legend calls himself a nerd. Teigen admits she’s kind of a basket case,” writer Karen Valby noted in the accompanying article. “They adore each other.”

Legend reiterated the nerd label in his People interview, noting that he loves to do crossword puzzles. He recalled writing songs for girls he liked as a kid but told the magazine that it wasn’t “extremely effective” at the time. He would go on to pen “All of Me,” the soul-baring ballad he dedicated to Teigen, who later joked that she should have also been congratulated when Legend received a Grammy nomination for the song. “Without me there is no all of me,” she wrote.

Teigen is also — at least partially — responsible for the glow-up that landed Legend on People’s closely watched annual issue. “She always looks amazing,” Legend told the magazine. “And I get to stand next to her a lot and I don’t want to be a huge letdown … so I try to dress well enough to be worthy of being next to my wife.”

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