As the impeachment inquiry has unfolded — leading House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to announce Thursday that Democrats will draft articles of impeachment against President Trump — some satirists say the political tactics on display make for a target-rich terrain.

“What’s striking about this impeachment is how the Republican Party has no fact-based rebuttal to counter the accusations against the president,” says Adam Zyglis, the Pulitzer-winning political cartoonist for the Buffalo News. “So they resort to all sorts of distractions and smokescreens — essentially they are throwing everything at the hearings to see what sticks, and repeating debunked theories and conspiracies to confuse the public.”

Such a landscape is “fun to capture,” says Zyglis, who this week drew the GOP staring at a “bribery” eye chart with a myopic focus on Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

The scene is “so littered with lies and irony that as cartoonists, we often have our pick of the litter,” Zyglis notes. “While my primary goal is to highlight the truth as much as I can, finding humor in this sad spectacle certainly helps keep us sane.”

Mike Luckovich, the Pulitzer-winning cartoonist for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, finds the impeachment inquiry itself “a bit depressing,” because he believes that the GOP is marching lockstep behind the president, even putting forth “conspiracy theories."

“My job,” he says, “is to show what’s actually happening.”

One Luckovich cartoon this week — an idea he pivoted to under extreme deadline pressure — depicts Trump taking a hypocritical stance on potential impeachment-inquiry witnesses.

“Many of my impeachment cartoons are last-minute,” Luckovich says, “after I’ve absorbed, testimony-wise, what happened that day.”

Here are several other eye-catching impeachment hearing cartoons this week:

Dave Whamond (Cagle Cartoons):

Jack Ohman (Sacramento Bee):

Clay Bennett (Chattanooga Times Free Press):

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