Cue New Order and check out the fanny packs, because Wonder Woman is moving from World War I to the Cold War.

The first trailer for the first sequel, WB/DC’s “Wonder Woman 1984” (due out in June), landed Sunday, flashing neon colors that pulsate to the early ‘80s hit “Blue Monday.”

Gal Gadot returns in the title role, at one point donning her glorious golden eagle armor. Patty Jenkins returns as director, coming off her record-breaking leadership of the first film. And without explanation, the trailer teases that Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), seemingly killed in the first film, will find himself transported to the Reagan era as well — sporting a Members Only-style jacket but clearly feeling like a man out of time.

“Wonder Woman 1984” did location shooting around the Washington area last year, and the defunct Landmark Mall in Alexandria and the Mall’s Hirshhorn Museum are prominently featured in the trailer. (Worth noting: The film’s cinematographer, Matthew Jensen, lived in the area during that era, so he was the film’s resident expert on the look of mid-1980s Washington.)

New to the franchise is Kristen Wiig as the envious antagonist Cheetah, and Pedro Pascal as the scion Maxwell Lord.

“Wonder Woman 1984” arrives three summers after “Wonder Woman” was a cultural smash, grossing more than $820 million worldwide.

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