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Late-night comedians roast Pompeo over attacks on NPR host

Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers criticized Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Jan. 28 after he refused to answer questions about Ukraine on "All Things Considered." (Video: The Washington Post)

During an interview for the NPR show “All Things Considered” last week, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo became frustrated with reporter Mary Louise Kelly, refused to answer some of her questions and then allegedly swore at her in a verbal attack once her microphones were off.

Pompeo, whom Kelly was talking to about U.S. foreign relations, demanded that she point out Ukraine on an unmarked map. He has said in a statement that she did not.

NPR reporter says Pompeo cursed at her, told her to point to Ukraine on map

“For the record, I did,” Kelly said in an op-ed for the New York Times. President Trump later praised Pompeo for his conduct with Kelly, saying at a White House event that the secretary of state “did a good job on her.”

On late-night TV on Tuesday, the map incident — and Pompeo’s conduct during the interview — became the butt of many jokes.

‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’

“And hey, you don’t think Americans care about Ukraine? You were on NPR. If there’s any place where people pay attention to world events, that’s it. People who can put up with the intricacies of jazz fusion can certainly handle basic geography.”
— Seth Meyers
“And if you have all this stuff you don’t want to be asked about, maybe don’t go on a show called ‘All Things Considered.’ They mean ‘all things.’ If you don’t like questions, I think Fox News has a show called ‘No Things Considered.’”
— Seth Meyers
“Hey, you think you’re going to make Mary Louise Kelly look dumb by asking her to point out a country on a map? That lady went to Cambridge and Harvard and has a master’s degree in European studies. Not only is she qualified for her job, she’s more qualified than you are for your job. Mary Louise Kelly can point out Ukraine on a map, and she can probably tell you the five best hotels to stay at.”
— Seth Meyers
“Side note: Hey, don’t mess with a woman who has three first names. I learned that the night I got my a** kicked by Sarah Jessica Parker.”
— Seth Meyers

‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert’

“First off, why does Mike Pompeo have unmarked maps at the ready? Is he the secretary of state or an eighth-grade social studies teacher? Or does he do this to reporters a lot because he needs help filling it out?”
— Stephen Colbert
“So Pompeo refused to talk about anything besides Iran. Does he think the name of the show is ‘One Thing Considered’?”
— Stephen Colbert

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