The Academy Awards producers did something this year no one truly could have ever anticipated: They invited Eminem to perform “Lose Yourself” during the live ceremony.

Eminem didn’t show up in 2003 to collect his Oscar for best original song for the hit from “8 Mile.” He had been at home napping (“I just felt like I had no chance of winning because, you know, when I heard I was nominated, I thought that was for actors,” he would go on to say in an interview years later).

But while this may have been a long time coming, you’d be forgiven if you flipped on the TV, came across Eminem and felt very confused. It’s not like the movie from 2002 is enjoying a particularly important milestone (ah yes, that very special porcelain anniversary).

Last year, we were treated to a steamy performance of “Shallow” by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper that made perfect sense for that moment, given that “A Star Is Born” was a nominated film and so was the song. Nothing close to “8 Mile” or “Lose Yourself” was up for consideration Sunday.

Shortly after the performance, Eminem tweeted his thanks to the academy for having him back.

While we’re still asking ourselves “Why, though?!,” one ABC executive tweeted this response: “Why not??!!!”

Okay. Well, some of us still have to mentally process what we just witnessed. In the name of service journalism, here is a moment-by-moment breakdown of Eminem’s debut on the Oscars stage.


0:03: Um. This is a weird question but … is Eminem about to come out?

0:52: Here’s a live look of everyone at home watching the Oscars telecast. And sorry to Idina Menzel, who is about to become an Oscars meme six years after that whole John Travolta-Adele Dazeem name flub. You may have performed a song just a few minutes before this, lady, but your face in this moment says more than any piece of music ever could.