In the summer of 2019, Jack Ohman drew a cartoon imagining a Biden-Harris Democratic presidential ticket. It’s not that the Sacramento Bee cartoonist was prescient as much as he was fascinated with the notion of how they would be as running mates.

Now the cartoon is a stark reminder of how Joe Biden and Kamala D. Harris were such primary-season rivals a year ago, and how much they began weaving their political narratives together this week, as Biden announced the California senator as his vice-presidential nominee.

“I was in shock that Biden picked her — dumbfounded,” says the left-leaning Ohman, a Pulitzer winner who first met Harris in 2014 and who has satirized Harris for years. “Now it seems obvious.”

After Tuesday’s announcement, Ohman rendered a cartoon of a politically unified Biden and Harris, nodding to the reconciliation of rivals.

“During her tenure as attorney general and senator, I did many cartoons about her, mostly about her seeming vagueness,” notes Ohman, adding: “She was very magnetic in person, although extremely cautious in her answers.”

The cartoonist did especially appreciate one thing when she came to the Bee newsroom: “She has a nice, dry sense of humor.”

As for how to caricature her, Ohman says: “How I portray her is the same way I portray anyone. She is rather soft-featured, which is tough for caricature. I focus on what she says, which is usually heavily couched in terms about a lot of things needing study.”

Another California cartoonist who met Harris when she was the state’s attorney general is Steve Breen, the right-leaning cartoonist for the San Diego Union-Tribune.

“She was as charming as you’d expect, but I haven’t drawn her a lot, actually — only a few cartoons over the years,” says the Pulitzer-winning Breen.

“In fact, I was nervous about drawing her properly yesterday, so I showed her from the back,” Breen says. “I can only do that so many times before people get wise to me!”

Here is how some other cartoonists are drawing Harris:

Adam Zyglis (Buffalo News):

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