Shortly after a persistent fly stole the show during the vice-presidential debate on Wednesday, people on social media started wondering how “Saturday Night Live” might handle it. How would the writers address this very strange and extremely viral moment? Who would play the fly? Would they enlist “The Fly” star Jeff Goldblum?

SNL obviously addressed the incident. And things got weird.

The cold open initially focused on skewering the debate: Pence, played by Beck Bennett, confirming his comfort with the plexiglass dividers (“Twelve feet apart and separated by plexiglass is how Mother and I sleep”). Sen. Kamala D. Harris (D-Calif.), played by Maya Rudolph, and her expressions as she looked in Pence’s direction (“While he speaks, I’m going to smile at him like I’m in a T.J. Maxx and a White lady asks me if I work here”). And moderator Susan Page, played by Kate McKinnon, explaining the debate rules (“Tonight we’ll be discussing a ‘who cares’ number of topics, each lasting ‘I couldn’t tell you’ minutes.”)

Toward the middle of the sketch, the camera cut to Jim Carrey in his second week as Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, watching the debate at home with Jill Biden, played by Heidi Gardner.

“Kamala can’t get a word in edgewise!” he exclaimed as Pence interrupted Harris. “I need to do something. I need to teleport to that debate and save the soul of this nation.”

Cue a parody of “The Fly,” the 1980s sci-fi film starring Goldblum as a scientist who turns into a fly hybrid after a botched experiment. The show superimposed Biden’s head on Goldblum’s body as he got into the teleportation machine — and suddenly, he was in Pence’s hair.

“ … And that is how President Trump will make the economy better by making it worse,” Pence was saying as the camera cut back to the debate. In this version of events, Page noticed the fly and tried to help.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, Vice President Pence. There’s a, um — ”

“War on police in this country? I couldn't agree more,” Pence said.

“No, no, there’s a, um, there’s a giant — ”

“Lack of respect for militias? You’re darn right,” Pence said.

Page turned to Harris for help, who happily declined. “Oh no, I’m good,” Harris said, putting her feet up on her desk. “Looking real good, Mike! Keep it up.”

Then back to Carrey, dressed in a fly costume — naturally, it turned into a Goldblum impression, complete with a wig. He echoed Goldblum’s famous speech from “Jurassic Park,” with a twist: “God created dinosaurs. Dinosaurs became Republicans, Republicans created Trump. Trump destroys God.”

As Jill Biden sighed that he had gone “full Goldblum,” Carrey segued into an ad, wearing the actor’s signature glasses.

And in this universe, there was a second fly — the reincarnation of Herman Cain, with Kenan Thompson reprising his role as the former GOP presidential candidate. Cain died in July after testing positive for the coronavirus; about five weeks prior, he had attended one of President Trump’s campaign rallies without wearing a mask.

“I’m Herman Cain. Reincarnated as a damn fly,” he said. “And these fools, Trump and Pence, killed me, man. They invited me to a rally with no mask and said, ‘Everything’s fine, Herman!’”

“If you’re watching this at home,” Cain continued, “don’t trust this White devil about that ‘rona.”

Of course, it all ended with Harris hitting Pence with a fly swatter, followed by a shot of the two flies flailing on Pence’s head, with Cain on the ground and Biden vomiting. And together, they proclaimed, “Live from New York, it’s Saturday night!"

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