This story contains spoilers for “Eternals.”

After a run time of almost three hours, one would think there was nothing more for “Eternals” to say, but this is the Marvel Cinematic Universe and there is always more to the story hidden after the credits.

“Eternals” has two post-credit scenes, which introduce new characters who could become major players in the MCU.

In the first scene, Eros makes his presence known to the Eternals who remain at the end of the movie. The surprise reveal of Thanos’s much-smaller, not nearly as purple but just as powerful brother was outshined by who Marvel Studios cast in the role: Harry Styles.

Starfox, as the character is also named, has an extensive comic-book history with both the Eternals and the Avengers and could play a part in both film franchises if they continue. The cosmic being is known for romance and has been linked with Marvel’s She-Hulk in the comics. “She-Hulk” will be a new Disney Plus series starring Tatiana Maslany in the lead role, so that could also be a landing spot for Styles’s Starfox.

What won’t be known until we see Starfox again is whether he’s here to help or if he’s a villain like his brother. Starfox says in the post-credits scene that he’s here to assist with the Eternals’ interstellar battles. But can a relative of Thanos be trusted?

The big reveal in the other “Eternals” post-credits scene wasn’t too much of a surprise for Marvel fans. If you’ve read your fair share of Avengers comics you know that Dane Whitman, a human love interest of the Eternal Sersi in the film, is destined to become a medieval-inspired superhero known as the Black Knight, a role that should be cake for Kit Harington after so many years starring in “Game of Thrones.” Few thought Harington’s Whitman would add this alter ego in a film that had to introduce 10 other superheroes, and they were right. But the post-credits scene features Whitman opening an ancient box that holds the weapon the Black Knight is most known for, the Ebony Blade.

Whitman doesn’t wield it and change into his superhero garb, but he is startled by a voice of an unseen character asking if he’s sure he’s ready for the power that comes with the Ebony Blade. Fitting, that voice was another Blade, Mahershala Ali, who has been cast as the famed vampire hunter for future MCU films. (Wesley Snipes previously played Blade in some of Marvel’s early, critically acclaimed cinematic adventures.)

So for those keeping count, that’s Starfox, the Black Knight and a new Blade, all with future roles to play in the MCU’s second decade.

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