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Adele helps man propose to stunned girlfriend before serenading them at her comeback concert

British singer Adele welcomes the newly engaged couple onstage during her televised special on Nov. 14 in Los Angeles. (Cliff Lipson/CBS/Getty Images)
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A previous version of this article misspelled Ashleigh's name. It has been corrected.

British superstar Adele is set to release an album that focuses heavily on her divorce — but that didn’t stop her from orchestrating a romantic proposal for a couple during part of her comeback concert that aired Sunday. And now social media is highly invested in the story of a man named Quentin and his longterm girlfriend, Ashleigh, whose last names were not public early Monday.

Standing onstage during part of the “Adele One Night Only” CBS special, which also featured a sit-down interview with Oprah, the singer told the audience she needed them to help her with the surprise — but to do so, they needed to be “really bloody quiet.”

And so they were.

“If you make a noise, I’m gonna kill ya,” she joked in her distinctive London accent before asking that the lights be turned down.

As Adele slipped into the shadows, during what was her first performance in six years, Quentin began leading his blindfolded girlfriend across the stage of the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles.

“What are we doing, Quentin?” Ashleigh asks, as those in the audience watched on, some visibly trying to contain their laughter.

“Am I on grass?” She asks, baffled, before removing her blindfold to find Quentin bent down on one knee and facing her.

“I want to thank you for being so patient with me,” he says, as she looks around the audience in an attempt to work out what is happening, before asking: “Is this real?”

“Every day you blow my mind,” he tells her as she wipes away tears, whispering: “Where are we?”

“There’s nothing you can’t do,” he says. “I love you, and I will continue to love you forever.”

British singer-songwriter Adele spoke with Oprah Winfrey during CBS's “Adele One Night Only,” a combination concert and interview which aired on Nov. 14. (Video: John Farrell/The Washington Post)

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Quentin admits the proposal has been “a long time coming,” to which Ashleigh replies, “Oh, my God, I’ve been your girlfriend for so long.”

And with that, she turns, looks at the audience — which just to happens to include a string of celebrities including Lizzo, Leonardo DiCaprio, Drake, Tyler Perry and Melissa McCarthy — and asks, “Who are these people?”

Quentin asks Ashleigh to marry him, she says “yes” — and Adele emerges to serenade them with her 2008 cover song “Make You Feel My Love.”

The two are greeted by the singer, who laughs at the bride-to-be’s stunned reaction and asks them to take front-row seats. McCarthy hands her a glass of champagne in celebration.

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On social media, many applauded the star’s helping hand in the public proposal.

“Imagining telling your friends ‘so he asks me to marry him and when I say yes the lights come on and Adele’s there and says congratulations and to take a seat so I sit down next to Lizzo and Melissa McCarthy while Adele serenades us’ they’d think you’d lost the plot,” wrote one viewer, who managed to summarized the seven-minute clip in one tweet.

“This is the only way to do a public proposal,” read another tweet, while another gushed: “This proposal at Adele’s concert followed by a live rendition of ‘Make You Feel My Love’ was perfection.”

Oprah, who was caught on camera dancing and singing along to Adele’s “Hello” during the concert, also tweeted about the couple’s engagement, writing “may your life together be filled with all the big JOY of this moment.”