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Campus Overload: December, 2011

Posted at 02:05 PM ET, 12/31/2011

What was it like to be a college student in 2011?

When today’s college students look back at 2011, what events will they say most shaped their lives?

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Posted at 12:18 PM ET, 12/28/2011

What’s it like to be a Republican in Iowa? Ask a college-bound student

The upcoming Iowa Caucus has taught one liberal arts college administrator what it’s like to receive aggressive marketing.

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Posted at 01:17 PM ET, 12/23/2011

Happy holidays! Celebrate with this flurry of e-cards

Gone are the days of snail-mail cards from university presidents. Here’s a round-up of e-cards that are arriving in inboxes.

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Posted at 12:03 PM ET, 12/22/2011

For those wanting to donate to Generation Hope...

Following a story about a Fairfax County teen mother, readers have been asking how they can help.

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Posted at 11:11 AM ET, 12/22/2011

How can colleges help teen moms (and teen dads)?

For many young parents, raising a child while working and going to school requires an elaborate juggling act.

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Posted at 09:56 AM ET, 12/21/2011

University of Richmond acceptance letter prompts jumping, shouts of ‘booyah’

A North Carolina high school senior was accepted into the University of Richmond earlier this month, and his dad captured his excitement on video.

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Posted at 01:41 PM ET, 12/19/2011

Transform your dorm room into a winter wonderland

In college, the holidays can be overshadowed by the stress of finals, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s how you can add holiday touches to your dorm.

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Posted at 11:38 AM ET, 12/13/2011

Universities rush to keep their brands off .xxx porn sites

Colleges are brainstorming how their brands might be misused by the porn industry and want to buy up .xxx domain addresses.

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Posted at 12:46 PM ET, 12/12/2011

Students can’t let stress become their new norm

Five facts about managing stress from Jeff Goelitz, co-author of “The College De-Stress Handbook: Keeping Cool Under Pressure from the Inside Out.”

By Jeff Goelitz  |  12:46 PM ET, 12/12/2011 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)

Posted at 11:08 AM ET, 12/07/2011

Practical holiday gifts for college students and recent grads

Giving gifts from the heart sometimes means being practical instead of extravagant.

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Posted at 03:39 PM ET, 12/06/2011

William and Mary students occupy the library (to study)

College of William and Mary students lined up outside the library on Sunday to snag the best study rooms.

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Posted at 08:55 AM ET, 12/05/2011

Obama and college presidents to discuss affordability

President Obama is scheduled to meet privately with a small group of university and college presidents for a candid discussion on higher education costs.

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Posted at 08:38 AM ET, 12/02/2011

Cute puppies, dance parties and stress-busting ideas for finals season

What can students do to keep their stress levels in check? Here are a bunch of ideas.

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Posted at 12:02 PM ET, 11/30/2011

Catholic University’s same-sex dorms deemed legal

The D.C. Office of Human Rights dismissed a discrimination complaint against Catholic University, which is getting rid of co-ed dorms.

By Jenna Johnson  |  12:02 PM ET, 11/30/2011 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)


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