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Campus Overload: June, 2012

Posted at 11:58 AM ET, 06/28/2012

Sullivan’s reinstatement inspires a flood of donations to U-Va.

U-Va. has received millions in donations since Sullivan was reinstated Tuesday.

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Posted at 09:41 AM ET, 06/28/2012

U-Va. Board of Visitors gets sarcastic fan mail (video)

Two recent graduates post of video offering love and advice to the university’s governing board.

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Posted at 12:47 PM ET, 06/26/2012

U-Va. controversy: How are top public universities governed?

When the U-Va. Board of Visitors unexpectedly announced this month that President Teresa Sullivan had agreed to step down, the response from some students was: The board of what?

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Posted at 02:48 PM ET, 06/25/2012

University of Virginia student leaders stop short of saying ‘Reinstate Sullivan’

Despite hundreds of students and faculty supporting the reinstatement of Teresa Sullivan as president, top student leaders are not picking sides.

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Posted at 08:55 PM ET, 06/24/2012

U-Va. honor committee addresses honesty, integrity

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Posted at 07:05 PM ET, 06/23/2012

At University of Virginia, Thomas Jefferson claimed by all parties in presidency fight

The founding father has been dead for more than 185 years, but he is a key player in U-Va. presidency fight.

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Posted at 10:24 AM ET, 06/06/2012

Have you seen THAT intern?

We’re on the lookout for THAT intern this summer — you know, the one who spends most of the day texting, who won’t stop talking about that little school outside of Boston he attended or who has all the answers to everything

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Posted at 12:04 PM ET, 06/04/2012

Don’t be THAT intern this summer

If you are an intern in D.C. this summer, here’s what not to do.

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