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Class Struggle: August, 2012

Posted at 05:00 AM ET, 08/30/2012

Successful principal dodges D.C. rules

Many great school leaders sidestep district rules, but keep quiet about it. The outspoken principal of the highest-performing high school in D.C. goes the other way, telling the authors of an eye-opening new book that his policy is to seek forgiveness, not permission.

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Posted at 04:05 AM ET, 08/29/2012

Who’s afraid of China and India?

A new report says the growth of schools in the world’s two most populous countries is a threat to us in the battle for global economic advantage. I say that’s wrong. The Chinese and the Indians have way more problems in building their education systems than we do.

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Posted at 12:27 PM ET, 08/26/2012

Triumph of a tough writing teacher

The teaching of writing in American high schools is mostly mediocre, but not in the classroom of Rick Cannon at Gonzaga College High School in the District. He hates weak words and teaches students to rewrite always. The results, says one parent, are “astounding.”

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Posted at 02:19 AM ET, 08/23/2012

School office can mislead parents

Donna Reid just wanted a copy of her son’s class schedule at Chantilly High School. The person who answered the phone at the office said no way. That information was wrong. How can we fix such mishaps?

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Posted at 05:00 AM ET, 08/19/2012

Close look at KIPP charter school challenges

The KIPP charter school network has raised the achievement of low-income students more than any other group of public schools, regular or charter. But each year still brings difficulties.

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Posted at 02:34 PM ET, 08/16/2012

Do the math: Too much calculus?

Every high school wants to have a calculus class. Math teaching experts say this has produced too many weak classes that leave students unprepared for college math.

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Posted at 05:05 AM ET, 08/14/2012

Being a minority at America’s best high school

Former Thomas Jefferson High School student body president Anita Kinney describes being a minority at the famous high school, now accused of being discriminatory.

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Posted at 08:24 PM ET, 08/11/2012

D.C. schools cheating report thin and biased

The IG report is thin, biased and does little to solve the erasure mystery.

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Posted at 04:25 PM ET, 08/09/2012

Let principals, not tests, rate teachers

D.C. schools have improved their teacher evaluation by reducing the importance of tests, increasing the importance of principals.

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Posted at 05:17 PM ET, 08/08/2012

Inspector General clears D.C. schools of widespread cheating

Third probe leaves intact the mystery of how so many D.C. students could have changed so many answers from wrong to right.

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Posted at 02:16 PM ET, 08/05/2012

Let charters bloom. Let teachers be creative.

Well-meaning parents are trying to block what would be the first charter school in Northern Virginia. This is a mistake.

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Posted at 05:00 AM ET, 08/02/2012

Junking old way of teaching writing

My suggestion of a required high school course where teachers edit students in person while the rest of the class reads good books seems radical, but some educators say they like it.

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