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D.C. Schools Insider: May, 2011

Posted at 06:10 PM ET, 05/29/2011

New principal for Hardy MS

A veteran suburban St. Louis principal who “kicked butt” at her last assignment, in the estimation of one staff member, is the new leader at Hardy Middle Middle School.

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Posted at 06:20 PM ET, 05/27/2011

Push from Ambrose helps pull schools back to Ward 6

Two Ward 6 schools that had been ticketed for Ward 7 under the proposed redistricting plan stayed put Thursday following an 11th-hour push from former Ward 6 council member Sharon Ambrose.

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Posted at 03:42 PM ET, 05/27/2011

Banneker senior is Redskins scholarship winner

My sports colleague Mike Jones has the story of Yasmine Arrington, a remarkable senior at Benjamin Banneker.

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Posted at 09:47 AM ET, 05/27/2011

Circus tickets follow abuse allegations at Johnson

After a discussion in which school administrators asked Tameka Phillips not to go to the press and to let them handle the matter internally, assistant principal Phillip Morgan offered tickets to the UniverSoul Circus.

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Posted at 04:38 PM ET, 05/25/2011

Collecting ‘Hopes and Dreams’ at DCPS

Acting Chancellor Kaya Henderson rolls out the “Hopes and Dreams” initiative, asking residents to discuss, write or text their ideas for the school system.

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Posted at 11:13 AM ET, 05/24/2011

Ward 6 reformers fear new boundaries will slow progress

Will redistricting undermine a two-year-effort to improve public schools in Ward 6?

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Posted at 09:48 AM ET, 05/23/2011

DCPS leaves consultant Caveon’s toolbox shut in test cheating allegation inquiry

Acting D.C. Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson didn’t ask Caveon Test Security to use all of the forensic tools at its disposal when it examined allegations of cheating on standardized tests.

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Posted at 01:47 PM ET, 05/20/2011

At Coolidge HS, Rittenhouse v. Riggs

Long-standing beefs between two groups of neighborhood kids, one from Rittenhouse, the other from Riggs Park, have compromised safety at the Northwest D.C. high school, parents and students say. Tensions led to a horrific, table-toppling melee in the school cafeteria May 5, captured on an iPhone.

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Posted at 10:12 AM ET, 05/19/2011

D.C. board heads off possible graduation trainwreck

The D.C. state school board scrambles to fix a massive ambiguity in high school graduation requirements that could have derailed the plans of hundreds of seniors.

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Posted at 02:03 PM ET, 05/17/2011

DCPS not so ‘highly effective’ in paying teachers

Nearly three months after being told they won a prestigious award, 20 DCPS teachers are still waiting for the $5,000 cash award.

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Posted at 02:32 PM ET, 05/16/2011

DCPS parents steamed over last-minute change for last day of school

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Posted at 07:08 PM ET, 05/13/2011

Second special ed official quits

The turnover in top D.C. special education leadership took another turn late Friday when Assistant State Superintendent Tameria Lewis also announced her resignation, effective June 17. It came about three hours after DCPS Deputy Chancellor Richard Nyankori confirmed his departure.

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Posted at 03:17 PM ET, 05/13/2011

D.C. special ed chief leaving

By Bill Turque  |  03:17 PM ET, 05/13/2011 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)

Posted at 10:42 AM ET, 05/11/2011

Judge slams District conduct in special ed lawsuit

The federal judge presiding over a six-year-old special education class action suit against the District lambasted city attorneys this week for “repeated, flagrant and unrepentant failures to comply with Court orders” in handling pre-trial discovery

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Posted at 03:08 PM ET, 05/10/2011

2,500 missing library books shelved under ‘mystery’

It’s not easy to lose 2,500 books, but DCPS managed to pull it off when Woodrow Wilson High School moved to temporary quarters last summer.

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Posted at 08:49 PM ET, 05/09/2011

DCPS teachers get ‘excessing’ notices

Possibly hundreds of DCPS teachers face unemployment after receiving “excessing” notices from school officials late last week.

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Posted at 02:29 PM ET, 05/09/2011

Kamras: DCPS will be a ‘value-added’ world for most teachers in five years

The head of the DCPS teacher evaluation discusses the use of “value-added” methodology to assess teacher effectiveness.

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Posted at 09:23 AM ET, 05/09/2011

Transition at Thurgood Marshall Academy

Joshua Kern, co-founder and president of the city’s highest achieving open-enrollment high school, is stepping down after a decade.

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Posted at 07:30 PM ET, 05/05/2011

Officials say powder not toxic; schools to open on time Friday

The D.C. schools that received envelopes with a suspicious white powder will open on time tomorrow, officials said Thursday evening.

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Posted at 07:10 PM ET, 05/04/2011

Blind teacher ordered rehired in “sad and troubling case”

Aribitrator said District wasted taxpayer funds on a three-year quest to justify an unfair decision.

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Posted at 11:44 AM ET, 05/04/2011

Charter leader Josephine Baker to retire

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Posted at 10:50 AM ET, 05/04/2011

Henderson promises a fresh look at Ward 5 schools

A series of decisions by Acting Chancellor Kaya Henderson has left Ward 5 with a 13 percent ($8.2 million) cut in school spending for next year, the deepest of any ward.

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Posted at 06:35 PM ET, 05/03/2011

Special ed students at Shadd, Hamilton to move

DCPS is moving most of two special education programs for emotionally disabled students, currently housed in separate buildings, into regular neighborhood schools.

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Posted at 05:11 PM ET, 05/02/2011

Time change for DCPS budget hearing

D.C. Council has shifted time for budget hearing to noon.

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