London Telegraph Olympic coverage

More than a million London 2012 Olympic football tickets went back on sale, but fans were blighted by technical issues when trying to pay for them.

The huge demand for tickets this morning resulted in the top matches being sold out within an hour.

But some customers were frustrated that they couldn’t buy the football tickets because the computer system kept slowing and occasionally crashing.

“The problem was everyone went for the same tickets at the same time,’’ a London organizing committee (LOCOG) spokesperson told Telegraph Sport, confirming that “tens of thousands of tickets have been sold”.

“The football final and semfinals were sold out in 20 minutes and because of the huge demand the system went into a bottleneck. When that happens Ticketmaster puts in place a queuing system that slows it down, but people have to be patient.”

Within an hour of being on sale all of the tickets for the England men’s team’s match on July 29 at Wembley Stadium were sold out.

LOCOG said that all of the men’s football tickets for the Olympic final, the semifinals and quarterfinals have been sold.

Readers contacting Telegraph Sport said that although reserving the tickets was straightforward, the payment part of the process resulted in error messages and delays.

“It failed twice on payment but took six minutes to process the third time round,” tweeted James Smith.