From The London Telegraph

London 2012 Olympic Games organizers have revealed they will be putting off the sale of more than a million of the most highly sought after tickets until into the new year.

The two in three people who missed out on getting Olympic tickets in the first rounds will now have to wait a little longer to try their luck again.

“The contingency tickets will now go on sale next year,” a Locog spokeswoman said, confirming the majority of ticket sales have been pushed back several months.

The change in ticket releases means that people wanting to try and buy Olympic tickets to put under the Christmas tree will be limited to a release of a million football tickets that still remain left over from the original UK ticket offer.

Locog says it is currently planning that these football tickets should go on sale around the beginning of December. With the release of the football draw for the Olympics, and the commitment to have both men’s and women’s Team GB teams, the football tickets are expected to start selling with more vigor than previously experienced.

Separately to the football tickets, Locog still has 1.3 million tickets to all sports and ceremonies across a range of prices that they withheld from sale in the public ballot earlier this year.

Organizers said they still had to finalize the venue seating plans for poor viewing spots as well as determine the exact nature of the opening and closing ceremonies that may free up blocks of seating.

Originally Locog was looking at releasing these tickets, which they call “contingency tickets” at the end of November or early December, but it appears nailing down the availability of every seat is taking longer than expected and they now won’t go onto the market until well after the festive season.

This of course, allows people to focus on the harder-to-shift football tickets first and Locog will be encouraging people to snap up a couple of cheap football tickets instead of chancing themselves in a mad desperate rush when the highly sought after tickets to the other sports are eventually released.

Meanwhile the UK sales of Paralympic tickets close on Sept 26 and officials say the high priced tickets for the track cycling and evening swimming sessions and the cheap opening ceremony tickets are already oversubscribed and applicants will go into a ballot for those sessions.

However, similar to the situation with Olympic tickets, the officials have not released how many tickets were made available in those categories for those particular sessions, so it is difficult to interpret how successful these sales have been so far.