From The London Telegraph

Roy Jones Jr., who suffered arguably the worst decision in Olympic boxing history at the Seoul Games in 1988, has criticised the amateur boxing’s world governing body, AIBA, insisting that “the door to corruption is wide open” because of the current scoring system and the organization’s failure to admit the wrongdoing against him.

Jones, a multiple-weight world champion considered one of the sport’s all-time greats, said: “They have messed up the scoring system even worse [from the time when he competed in 1988]. Because with the points system they’ve got, they are not judging a fight for real.

“Three people have got to agree on it. It leaves you too many ways out. All you have to do is say ‘I didn’t see it’ or ‘I wasn’t sure’.”

The AIBA were rocked by allegations days before the World Championships started in Baku, Azerbaijan, last month, when BBC’s Newsnight claimed $9 million in funds originating from Azerbaijan were paid to the World Series of Boxing, an AIBA subsidiary, in order to secure two Azeri gold medals at the London Olympic Games next year.

AIBA have dismissed the claims as ‘”ludicrous.” Jones told Boxing News: “My problem is: You’ve got a robbery caught on tape 23 years ago, and you still won’t reverse the decision and make it correct. So how can you say you are not corrupt?

“Admit you were wrong and we’ll start believing you are not corrupt. They knew they would get ridiculed, they didn’t fix the problem. Twenty years later you’re still going to do nothing about it. What does that tell me? You’re cool with that. You’ve got the door to corruption wide open.”