World Anti-Doping Agency President John Fahey responded forcefully Wednesday after Colin Moynihan, the head of Britain’s Olympic committee, said the organization “has underachieved in the 10 years it has been operational.”

Fahey called Moynihan’s criticism “misinformed and inaccurate.”

In a statement to the Associated Press, Fahey said, “Accepting that any signatory must be free to criticize, it is disappointing to read the BOA president’s comments, some of which are misinformed and inaccurate, and many of which have been addressed by WADA stakeholders in the last code review or by WADA in its present activities.”

Moynihan’s comments were some of the harshest public attacks ever launched by a senior Olympic official against WADA, which was created to unify anti-doping rules, sanctions and policies across all sports and countries.

“It is understandable that many in sport have concluded that (WADA) has underachieved in the 10 years it has been operational,” Moynihan said. “Not least because ... the system put in place by WADA has failed to catch the major drug cheats of our time.