The governing body of Olympic boxing said talks about women fighters wearing skirts instead of shorts at the 2012 London Games will be held in January. (Jack Dempsey/ASSOCIATED PRESS)

At a pre-Olympic women’s boxing event in London this week, much of the conversation was on what the participants were wearing rather than on the punches they were throwing.

International Amateur Boxing Association officials are discussing whether women fighters should be urged to wear skirts in the ring at the 2012 Games.

Natasha Jonas, a British lightweight, said the idea hadn’t found much support among her teammates.

“There should be a choice — no one should be forced to do anything,” Jonas told the Associated Press. “In other sports like [soccer] and cricket, you aren’t forced to wear skirts. So I don’t see why boxing should have to.

“For me, it doesn’t seem practical. I know there are girls in AIBA who wear skirts all the time. But psychologically, I don’t feel comfortable wearing one.”