Development means chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee free to focus on tax reform.

What the death of the chamber's most senior member means for leadership of the chamber and plum committees.

The Senate stood in stunned silence as Harry Reid announced the news.

The Senate's leaders observe a moment of silence, respond to the attacks, suggest a debate is forthcoming.

The senior senator from Texas is leaving the Senate -- and won't miss certain strains of the job.

And is this the proposal that could help policymakers strike a deal?

Most senior Republican woman in Congress noncommittal on review of nation's gun laws.

The New Jersey senator said his office had no idea that an unpaid intern was in the country illegally.

Six departing senators say their final formal goodbyes to the chamber -- and bemoan the lack of bipartisanship.

Lawmakers are biding their time by passing modest bills long languishing on the House and Senate dockets.

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