Government watchdogs are warning that the independent office responsible for overseeing ethics investigations of House lawmakers could become a toothless entity.

A look at the nation's most popular tax breaks.

The moderate Republican feels bittersweet about leaving an institution she's served for more than three decades, but vows to remain involved.

Group challenging the Senate's rules say they are "an accident of history" and "inconsistent with the principle of majority rule."

It's been raised about 100 times through U.S. history -- so why are we talking about it again?

West Virginia senator upset that his state will be setting of network's newest reality show.

Why haven't President Obama and lawmakers determined how to avoid jumping over the "fiscal cliff"? Because of tax rates and tax revenue.

Kirk, a freshman senator elected in 2010, has been recovering in Chicago since suffering the stroke in January.

One Republican lawmaker voted against final passage of the measure. Who was he?

The screening will occur right before Christmas -- and after several other political screenings of the hit movie.

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