Unlike the GOP, Democrats note that members who are White, Black, old, young, urban and rural earned top spots on House committees.

The move means the holidays could be short -- or canceled -- for lawmakers.

Connecticut's senior senator reflects on his 24-year Senate career, his role in the 2000 and 2008 presidential campaigns and how he kept the Jewish sabbath.

If Congress doesn't act, most Americans are likely pay more next year in federal income taxes.

Retiring lawmaker recalls the colleagues he told privately before he told the nation.

Federal aid to storm-ravaged states could get tied up by ongoing fiscal talks.

Only one woman will chair a House committee, but GOP counts a few women in other leadership positions.

House lawmakers will meet for slightly more days than this year -- but still enjoy week-long stretches back home.

The House speaker has no formal say, but felt the need to weigh in anyway.

The inauguration coincides with the 150th anniversary of the capping of the U.S. Capitol Dome.

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