CANTON, Ohio — Democrat Joyce Healy-Abrams faces long odds in her race against Rep. Bob Gibbs (R-Ohio) and her late start forced her to loan her own campaign $120,000.

Gibbs currently isn’t airing campaign ads, but told me last week that he might buy air time later in the race.

Healy-Abrams’s first message attempts to introduce her to voters:

Two other spots attack Gibbs for his support of the House Republican budget, which includes proposals to overhaul the Medicare program. In a district that skews older, the message could hit a nerve with some voters.

Versions of the ad air in 30 seconds:

And a sharper version of the ad gets the message across in 15 seconds:

The Healy-Abrams campaign wouldn’t say when, where and how often the ads are running, but said they are airing on broadcast stations and during local cable ad breaks. 2chambers spotted the ad at the end of “Good Morning America” Wednesday morning.

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