PITTSBURGH — The Steel City and its surrounding counties are not experiencing the glut of political advertising that other swing regions will endure through Election Day.

But Rep. Mark Critz (D-Pa.) and Republican challenger Keith Rothfus are on the air and their ads are worth a look.

Let’s start with Critz’s message, which primarily tout his eagerness to build the Western Pennsylvania economy and his moderate voting record. One of his messages, “Make Them,” is intended to put political distance between Critz, congressional Democrats and President Obama:

Critz’s next ad, “Next Generation,” also tries to draw distinctions between Critz’s stance on job creation and trade policy against Obama and Rothfus:

The first message run by Critz, called “Fight for Them,” recaps Critz's fight to keep open a local mine:

Rothfus’s ads strike a comical tone and use a campy mix of music and graphics to describe his “regular guy” persona and blunt attacks by Critz and outside groups that he’s a corporate lawyer out of touch with western Pennsylvania voters:

This ad also knocks Obama’s more than 100 visits to golf courses. Rothfus has played just one round of golf — and it’s mini-golf:

This next ad addresses direct attacks from Critz and outside groups that Rothfus supports a trade policy that leads to outsourcing. “The closest Keith Rothfus has been with China is when he orders takeout for his family,” the ad’s announcer says:

Rothfus is using the airwaves primarily to fight attacks from the House Majority PAC — a super PAC seeking to elect Democrats to the chamber. This ad raises questions about Rothfus’s business background:

But the National Republican Congressional Committee also is running several ads against Critz — and has been targeting him since early May. This message that says voters have a choice between “Washington Bureaucrats” and “Pennsylvania Families.” It also attacks Critz’s support for the 2010 health-care reform law:

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