The classic Primanti cheese steak (No. 2 bestseller) at Primanti Bros. in Pittsburgh. (Ed O'Keefe via Instagram)

But lawmakers appear more eager to go home and run for reelection — and with 43 days remaining until Election Day, they’ll have plenty of time to raise money and meet with voters.

That’s why 2chambers is spending this week on the road, for the second of our “5 in 5” trips, or stops in five House districts in five days. Along the way, I plan to interview the incumbent and his or her challenger, ask voters what they think of the partisan gridlock on Capitol Hill and assess how President Obama and Mitt Romney’s campaigns are wooing voters on the ground in two key states — Pennsylvania and Ohio.

In August, 2chambers traveled from Des Moines to Chicago, covering a close race between two incumbents, a well-funded Democratic challenge against a national conservative leader, the campaign of a freshman Republican in a safely conservative district, and two hard-fought races in Chicago suburbs.

This time, I plan to travel from Pittsburgh to Cleveland to cover a moderate Democrat and his Republican challenger, another freshman Republican in a safely conservative district, a race between a current and former member of Congress and two key races in the suburbs of Cleveland.

Where exactly am I headed? Here’s the itinerary:

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