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One week after planned protests led him to cancel an address at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) is continuing his series of speeches at colleges. Both outreach to students and a few demonstrations are in the mix.

On Friday afternoon, Cantor is slated to address Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. The speech, like Cantor’s planned Wharton speech last week, is expected to focus on income inequality.

It’s the latest stop on a tour that has taken the No. 2 House Republican in recent months to Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government and Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. The visit comes as Democrats have increasingly sought to turn Cantor into a political villain on the campaign trail, and as the Virginia Republican has launched a rebranding effort (separate from the college tour) that includes allowing a “60 Minutes” crew to follow him on the road.

According to the Daily Northwestern, Occupy Northwestern protesters and several other groups are planning to hold a demonstration outside Cantor’s appearance Friday, although the protests are not expected to be as large as those organized by labor and other groups for last week’s speech.

In addition to delivering remarks, Cantor also on Friday sat down for a huddle with the Northwestern University College Republicans – a meeting that was initiated by a tweet Thursday afternoon from the group to Cantor’s office.

“Excited you’re coming to NorthwesternU but undergrads can’t hear you talk. Any chance you’re free to meet College GOPers after?” the group tweeted on Thursday to Cantor’s Twitter handle, @GOPLeader.

According to Cantor’s office, the Virginia Republican responded by direct message to the group’s vice president, Adam Seidel, and an informal half-hour meeting was set up at the university with about two-dozen undergraduate students. The group tweeted its thanks to Cantor Friday afternoon.

“He talked with us about education issues, taxes, the fiscal health and future of the country and his plans to help move us along,” said Alexander Riegler, 20, president of the Northwestern University College Republicans.

In his speech on Friday, Cantor was expected to call for a “Steve Jobs Plan” for the country, according to his prepared remarks.

“In a Steve Jobs plan, no American -- regardless of their current condition -- believes that they are unable to rise up,” Cantor said, according to the prepared text.

“And in a Steve Jobs plan, we don’t believe that those who succeed somehow take away from those still working their way up the ladder. Why? Because those who earn their success not only create good jobs and services that make our lives better, but they give back and help everyone move just a little bit further up the ladder and everybody wins.”

Cantor speaks at Northwestern University. (Office of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor)