(John Minchillo/AP)

Mike Stack and an unidentified user who has tweeted under the pseudonym “Dan Wolfe” in late May discussed emailing Seamus Kraft, the director of digital strategy and press secretary for the Oversight Committee, about the patterns they had noticed in Weiner’s online activity, according to The Smoking Gun.

Stack and Wolfe are part of a group of Twitter users calling themselves the #bornfreecrew that had been tracking Weiner’s Twitter account for months.

According to the emails, Stack and Wolfe consulted each other on whether to contact Issa’s office after discovering a Web posting that the two said demonstrated Weiner had been communicating with a high school student.

Frederick Hill, a spokesman for Issa, said Wednesday that Issa’s office had received an emailed inquiry from the two but did not respond to their request. Hill added that Issa himself had not been aware that Stack and Wolfe had contacted his office until Monday, the day that The Smoking Gun posted the emails.

“We received an email,” Hill said. “We did not respond or offer advice or counsel.”

Issa has developed a national profile as a leading critic of the Obama administration.

Meanwhile, Weiner has been facing increasing pressure from members of his own party to give up his seat. On Wednesday, Rep. Allyson Schwartz, a Pennsylvania Democrat who also heads the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s recruitment and member services operation, said in a statement that “in light of Anthony Weiner’s offensive behavior online, he should resign.”

Other Democrats including Sen. Mark Pryor (Ark.) and Rep. Mike Michaud (Maine) have made similar comments, though top Democratic leaders have stopped short of calling for Weiner’s resignation.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Tuesday wrote a letter to the House Ethics Committee requesting an investigation into Weiner’s conduct. House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer’s (D-Md.) office has not commented on the scandal since Monday.

“Mr. Hoyer has urged Mr. Weiner from the beginning that he needed to be truthful and put the facts on the table,” Hoyer spokeswoman Katie Grant said Monday, adding that Hoyer “has long stated that if there have been any questions regarding ethics that have been raised in the public sphere that the Ethics Committee should look at them.”