Eddie Murphy arrives at the Kennedy Center. (Matt McClain/Post)

Eddie Murphy, king of comedy

Murphy didn’t tell a joke for almost three decades — until he came to the Kennedy Center to receive the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor.

Vester L. Flanagan, 41, a former employee of the Roanoke station, is believed to have posted videos online showing him shooting the crew.

A Duke freshman thinks ‘Fun Home’ is immoral. He won’t read assignment.

A Duke freshman thinks ‘Fun Home’ is  immoral. He won’t read assignment.

POSTEVERYTHING | He says his beliefs extend to pop culture and artwork depicting sex acts.


Al Franken isn’t being denied due process. None of these famous men are.

Losing a powerful job isn't actually the end of the world.

Trump always lashes out when he’s cornered. He told me so years ago.

The president's tweets and public remarks will only get wilder as the Russia investigation narrows.

Enjoy Meghan Markle’s #blackgirlmagic royal fantasy. Just don’t get carried away.

Wish her all the happiness in the world. Just remember, Prince Harry isn’t marrying *us*.

Why abortion — not sexual misconduct — is likely to decide the Alabama Senate race

Roy Moore is trying to save himself with a tried and true conservative move: resorting to the politics of abortion.

A year ago, Trump promised Carrier workers help. We’re still waiting.

He promised to keep jobs in America. But under his tenure, outsourcing has gotten worse.

Wages really are rising too slowly. But corporate tax cuts won’t help.

What the GOP tax bill gets wrong about pay.

The mainstream media didn’t care about Puerto Rico until it became a Trump story

Our analysis found Hurricanes Harvey and Irma got far more coverage than Maria did.

Trump is right to protect U.S. manufacturers. Here’s how he could help us.

The U.S. solar industry needs help fighting unfair competition from China.

If Trump wants to use nuclear weapons, whether it’s ‘legal’ won’t matter

The military says it won't follow 'illegal' orders. But don't let that reassure you.


Guns seized from three Metro fare evaders, police say

DR. GRIDLOCK | One of the suspects threw a gun over a wall at Gallery Place Metro station, police said.


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell signs contract extension worth as much as $40M annually

The deal runs through 2024 with close to 90 percent of his salary tied to incentives. It is not clear whether it will be opposed by Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who at one point threatened a legal challenge to an extension.


How two men turned a Google search and $100 into a hit podcast and a TV deal

Podcasts have been around for years, but have seen a rebirth in the past few years.


As tax plan gained steam, GOP lost focus on the middle class

As tax plan gained steam, GOP lost focus on the middle class

The final product is looking much different from what President Trump has been promising since the presidential campaign.