The House voted unanimously Monday to cut the Pentagon’s printing budget by 10 percent.

The measure, which passed 393 to 0, was the latest of House Republicans’ “YouCut” proposals, which are selected by users online among several different options for cutting spending.

Republicans say that the reduction will result in $180 million saved through fiscal year 2016. In a brief floor debate, Del. Madeleine Bordallo (D-Guam) objected to the bill as a “bad use of valuable floor time,” arguing that the amount of money saved would be minimal, The Hill reported.

The bill was sponsored by Rep. Allen West, a Republican freshman from Florida.

Only about a dozen other measures in the 112th Congress have passed the House with the kind of overwhelming support that West’s bill received Monday.

Those other measures include a measure in February to name a U.S. courthouse in Yuma, Ariz., after John M. Roll, the federal judge who was slain in January’s shooting rampage in Tucson; a motion providing for Capitol-flown flags for recipients of the Medal of Honor; and a resolution to cut the budgets of House committees and legislative offices by at least five percent.

Another printing-related measure – the Stop the Overprinting Act – passed the House in January on a 399-to-0 vote.