Will Nancy Pelosi debate Rick Perry anytime soon?

Don’t count on it.

The House minority leader had a quip at the ready when she was asked at her weekly press briefing Thursday about the Texas governor’s letter challenging her to a “public debate” next Monday.

“Well, he did ask if I could debate here in Washington on Monday. It is my understanding that the letter has come in,” Pelosi said. “Monday, I’m going to be in Portland in the morning. I’m going to be visiting some of our labs in California in the afternoon. That’s two. I can’t remember what the third thing is.”

Re: Gov. Perry--Monday I’ll be in Portland. Later visiting labs in CA. That’s 2. I can’t remember the 3rd thing.Thu Nov 17 16:27:19 via webNancy Pelosi

Perry had written to Pelosi that he would be visiting Washington on Monday and “would love to engage you in a public debate about my Overhaul Washington plan versus the congressional status quo.”

“I think it would be a tremendous service to the American public to see a public airing of those differences,” he wrote in the letter, dated Wednesday. “Let the people decide.”

The jab from Pelosi — a reference to the GOP presidential hopeful’s inability during a debate last week to remember which three federal agencies he’d like to eliminate — comes days after another top House Democrat, Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (Md.), similarly mocked the Texas governor.

”Rick Perry?” Hoyer said to reporters Tuesday in response to a question on Perry. “I’ve heard that name. Let’s see. Oh, he’s the one who has three — yes, I can’t remember what they are, but yes.”