Becky Sweeney picks up a package at the Websterville, Vt., post office this month. (Toby Talbot/AP)

Republican leaders announced the plan in a memo to lawmakers that said constituents could soon face the adverse affects of USPS belt-tightening if Congress failed to act.

The main reform bill in the House, co-sponsored by Reps. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) and Dennis Ross (R-Fla.), would permit USPS to end Saturday mail deliveries, close thousands of post offices and phase out the use of doorside mailboxes in some communities.

The bill also would establish a financial control board to overhaul postal finances and a separate commission to review the closure of post offices and processing facilities.

Outside the Manassas Post Office. (KAREN BLEIER/AFP/GETTY IMAGES)

Postal leaders have pushed for swift passage, as they expect to lose more than $7 billion when the USPS fiscal year ends in September.