As the nation’s debt clock ticks down to the wire, congressional leaders are furiously whipping members of their caucuses for support of the deal that was struck on Monday to raise the debt ceiling.

The House is expected to take up the measure sometime on Monday night.

2Chambers blogger Felicia Sonmez is also pounding the marble floors of Congress to take the pulse of lawmakers. She’s been tweeting their comments about the details of the deal and tracking their support or opposition to it.

Sonmez won’t be able to reach all all the members for their feedback, so we’re asking our readers to help complete our list of their yeas and nays on the Budget Control Act of 2011.

Have you seen an interview or read a statement by a member of the House? Add a quote that reflects where they stand on the debt deal to this document.

If you follow a member who voices his or her thoughts on the bill on Twitter, use #debtvote to retweet them.

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