Members of the U.S. Senate will be attending a special screening of the movie “Lincoln” on Dec. 19.

Perhaps they need the inspiration as they seek to avoid the “fiscal cliff,” or maybe they’re just looking for some nighttime entertainment. Or maybe it’s all about finding excuses to socialize together — since everyone seems to agree that lawmakers need to do more of that when they’re here in Washington.

Whatever the case, senior Senate aides confirmed Wednesday night that the screening is happening — but not on the Senate floor, as other news outlets reported.

“Lincoln” has been the subject of several political screenings in recent days. President Obama recently invited Steven Spielberg and friends to watch the movie in the White House theater and House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) rented out a theater last week to show his colleagues the movie.

Now it’s the Senate’s turn. It is, after all, the slower and more deliberative body.

The fact that the Senate is scheduling an event for Dec. 19 — less than a week before Christmas and after they were expected to adjourn — confirms what many already fear: That Congress will be working down to the wire to avoid the New Year’s deadlines tied to the fiscal cliff.

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