The 112th Congress has been called many things — historic, historically unproductive, entertaining and the embodiment of the nation’s bitter partisan divide.

Over the course of the last two years, first with Felicia Sonmez, more recently with Ed O’Keefe and with the assistance of other Washington Post reporters, editors and producers, we have used this space to document the session’s daily developments by profiling its leaders and most colorful characters, explaining policy issues and contextualizing the political arguments. It’s been a privilege to document the House and Senate’s proceedings in the last two years, despite the long hours.

But as the 112th Congress draws to a close today, so does 2chambers. The Post’s congressional team is joining forces with the rest of the political reporting staff to continue documenting the day’s developments at our new home, PostPolitics, a blog that will serve as our first draft of daily developments from the White House, Capitol Hill and campaign trails across the country. We hope you’ll bookmark it and join us in wherever the nation’s political and policy debates go next.

It’s been a pleasure serving you in this space, thank you for your continued support and readership.

2chambers adjourns, sine die.