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And is this the proposal that could help policymakers strike a deal?

A look at the nation's most popular tax breaks.

It's been raised about 100 times through U.S. history -- so why are we talking about it again?

Why haven't President Obama and lawmakers determined how to avoid jumping over the "fiscal cliff"? Because of tax rates and tax revenue.

If Congress doesn't act, most Americans are likely pay more next year in federal income taxes.

Lawmakers eager to tackle the nation's fiscal policy issue have ganged up to force a deal.

The bipartisan commission that set policymakers on the path to negotiations currently underway to avert the "fiscal cliff."

A look at why millions of Americans might need to pay more in taxes if Congress doesn't act — and why it's all tied to the "fiscal cliff."

An 'edsplanation' of who prepares the numbers, how the jobs are counted -- and whether the numbers could be cooked.

The latest in our "Edsplainer" series tackles the issue set to consume Washington later this year.

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