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Several Democratic proposals in the House and Senate could be adopted as part of the White House review.

Unlike the GOP, Democrats note that members who are White, Black, old, young, urban and rural earned top spots on House committees.

Read the congressman's resignation letter, in which he thanks his constituents for 17 years of service.

The House minority leader announced her decision to colleagues Wednesday morning.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi said she would hold a 10 a.m. Wednesday press conference to announce whether she'll run again for minority leader.

Congress plans to spend most of the next few weeks focused on fiscal matters. But several other political and policy concerns also merit attention.

The Illinois congressman, who has checked himself back into rehab, is reportedly under investigation for campaign spending improprieties.

How did the House candidates in the 15 races we profiled this year match up on Tuesday night? Who's going back to Washington and who's going home?

Boehner feels so confident about GOP holding the House that he's spending the final campaign weekend driving across Ohio.

The highly partisan Florida reps became iconic representations of their party’s fortunes in 2010 -- and may again this year.

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