The new budget proposal would trim funding for the Department of Homeland Security by 0.5 percent, or $191 million below the 2012 enacted level of $39.5 billion.

The budget would maintain core operations, including the continued deployment of 21,186 Customs and Border Protection officers and 21,370 Border Patrol agents. And the proposal contains $6.1 billion for FEMA’s Disaster Relief Fund.

The proposed budget provides $769 million to improve the cybersecurity of federal civilian information technology networks, and the department will enhance its outreach to state and local government and key infrastructure sectors.

The budget includes $658 million to construct the sixth Legend-class Coast Guard national security cutter, and $8 million for the Coast Guard to initiate acquisition of a new polar icebreaker. The Coast Guard and CBP would realize $20 million in savings by sharing excess aviation equipment.

The budget makes more than $850 million in administrative cuts and eliminates or consolidates a number of programs. The proposal, for instance, would consolidate 16 state and local homeland security grant programs into one National Preparedness Grant Program.