We told you last week in this space about the White House’s plan to use its vast social media network to rally support for President Obama’s State of the Union address Tuesday. Now, Obama himself is getting into the action.

On Jan. 30, Obama will answer questions submitted through YouTube on the Google+ Hangout section of Google’s social media network, the White House announced.

The White House said it will select several of the people who ask the best questions to join the virtual chat with the president. Participants can submit questions by visiting the White House’s YouTube channel from Monday through Saturday.

Starting Monday through January 28th, you can visit the White House YouTube channel to submit your questions and vote on your favorites.

As of 9:30 a.m. Monday, 72 questions had been submitted, such as this one from a person in Oregon: “Corporate money funds a vast majority of the politicians in office, as a result they seem to look out for the needs of the businesses who fund them rather than the people who elect them. How can this be stopped and do you have any personal thoughts?”