Now, things turn more serious.

After a largely ceremonial first two days in Europe, President Obama will meet for more than an hour Wednesday with British Prime Minister David Cameron and also give an address detailing the strength of the alliance between the United States and Britain.

He will also hold a press conference, where the president and Cameron are likely to be asked about both the conflict in Libya and the president’s speechon Israel last week, which has stirred controversy in the U.S.

Obama aides say the Wednesday speech will frame the trip, much like the president used his remarks in March in Chile to present his broader view of Latin America during his trip to that region.

The president will head to France on Thursday for a meeting of the Group of Eight industrialized economies before finishing his trip with a visit to Poland.

Back home

Obama visits a key electoral state nearly every week he is in the United States. But with the president abroad, Vice-President Biden will speak at a dinner for the New Hampshire Democratic Party on Wednesday night.