President Obama’s next stop on his jobs tour will be in Georgetown on Wednesday when he appears at the waterfront park, near the Key Bridge, to highlight the need for infrastructure investments to boost the economy, a White House official said.

The appearance will come on the morning before Obama heads out Wednesday evening for the Group of 20 economic summit in Cannes, France. Since announcing his $447 billion American Jobs Act in early September, Obama has criss-crossed the country each week to speak about the plan.

However, the legislation has stalled in Congress. The White House has continued to push Republicans to support components of the jobs package offered as smaller bills, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) has scheduled a vote on the $50 billion infrastructure spending provision later this week.

Obama spoke about the need to rehabilitate the nation’s roads and bridges during a stop last month at the Brent Spence Bridge in Cincinnati.

In the Washington region, 215 bridges are structurally deficient, including three of the five major bridges that cross the Potomac River into Washington, according to a report released Oct. 19.

The group Transportation for America said the Key Bridge, the Memorial Bridge and the 14th Street Bridge all need immediate repair. More than 215,000 vehicles cross the bridges on an average day. The 14th Street bridge is scheduled to undergo a complete overhaul in the next four years.

White House officials said the Key Bridge could be eligible for funding if Congress approves the infrastructure bill, but Republicans have vowed to block all new spending proposals, saying Obama’s previous stimulus did not help the economy.