All those metaphors about President Obama’s presidency being blown off-course by strong headwinds from his political opponents got a little too literal Friday afternoon.

Obama was headed to Camp David on Marine One, his presidential helicopter, for a two-day respite from Washington when bad weather diverted the aircraft to an alternate location, a White House spokesman said.

“Due to a last-minute bad weather call made prior to the his departure, Marine One diverted to an alternate landing area and the President motorcaded the rest of the way to Camp David,” deputy press secretary Josh Earnest said in a statement.

Obama’s daughter Sasha was with him in the helicopter, which landed in Frederick, 42 miles from Camp David D.C., according to CBS News.

The diversion was perhaps a fitting end to a rough week for the president, who tangled publicly with House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) over the date for a speech before Congress next week. Obama also got bad news in a new jobs report Friday that showed no net gains in job creation and unemployment holding at 9.1 percent.

Obama is scheduled to remain at Camp David until Sunday, when he plans to travel to Paterson, N.J., to view areas damaged by Hurricane Irene last week. The president then will head to Detroit on Monday to speak before labor groups at a Labor Day parade.

His speech before Congress, in which he has pledged to lay out new jobs proposals, will come Thursday.