The Obama campaign has released the trailer of a 17-minute documentary-style video about the president’s first three years in office that aides said would be unveiled in full next week.

The two-minute clip, titled “The Road We’ve Traveled,” paints Obama as facing a number of crises, including financial and auto industry meltdowns, upon assuming office and having to make tough decisions. It aims to have viewers consider Obama’s record over time, rather than the day-to-day political debates in Washington.

“Do we look at the day’s headlines, or do we remember what we as a country have been through?” the narrator, actor Tom Hanks, intones.

The end of the trailer features Vice President Biden talking about the president’s decision to send U.S. Special Operations Forces into Pakistan to find and kill Osama bin Laden, which the administration has held up as one of Obama’s signature achievements.

The video is directed by Davis Guggenheim, who also shot the Academy Award-winning “An Inconvenient Truth” that features former vice president Al Gore discussing climate change .

Obama’s campaign is asking supporters to register for a chance to attend premieres of the full video March 15 at the campaign’s field offices across the country.

“The film is an opportunity to put into perspective the challenges the country faced when President Obama took office, the tough decisions he made in the face of those challenges and the progress we’ve made in rebuilding an economy that’s meant to last and strengthening and securing our nation,” the campaign said in a press release.

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