As Occupy Wall Street increases its footprint in New York, Washington and across the U.S., it’s gaining the support of mainstream liberal organizations like the AFL-CIO and even some financial executives.

The movement “should be a relief to the White House,” Peter Wallsten wrote yesterday. “But it is unclear whether this sudden burst of energy on the American left will help Obama and other Democrats.”

Readers have flooded Wallsten’s story with their own comments about what Occupy Wall Street’s role will be in the liberal political sphere. Wallsten jumped in to curate some of the most thoughtful comments and pose specific questions to readers.

Chat with the author about OWS

" Is Occupy Wall Street good for Obama or bad for Obama? "

White House reporter Peter Wallsten

Weigh in

Wallsten will be back in the story’s comment thread to chat throughout the day. Readers have added more than 2,300 comments so far. Join them or weigh in on Twitter using #OWSandObama.


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