President Obama converted his Facebook page to the timeline format Thursday morning, a day after the timeline option became available for branded pages.

Facebook timeline allows people and now brand pages to note historical moments in their personal or company history on a chronological timeline.

Obama’s 2012 campaign staff, which administers the Barack Obama fan page, took advantage of the new format by featuring an image of the President’s birth certificate emblazoned on a coffee mug at the beginning of it.


The Obama campaign began selling mugs and other memorabilia with images of the president’s long-form birth certificate on its Web site shortly after it was released.

The campaign filled in several other personal moments on his timeline: his first job in 1978 “working the counter at Baskin-Robbins,” his high school, college and law school graduations, the summer he met Michelle Robinson while working as an associate at a Chicago law firm, the Obamas’ wedding and the birth of their daughters, and the Obamas’ final student loan payment, made in 2004.

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