President Obama will hold his first solo news conference since November on Tuesday, offering some counter-programming as Republican voters in 10 states cast their votes in the GOP presidential primary.

Obama is scheduled to take questions from reporters at 1:15 p.m. in the Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House.

Likely topics include Iran’s nuclear weapons ambitions, rising gas prices and the national debate over the Obama administration’s health care rule requiring most employers to provide contraception coverage.

The last time the president took questions from reporters by himself was on the final day of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum in Hawaii in November. The last time he did so at the White House was last October, when he met the press in the East Room while pushing his jobs agenda.

On Monday, a senior administration official dismissed the notion that Obama was intentionally trying to steal some of the spotlight from his GOP rivals, saying the date just made the most sense for Obama’s schedule.

The president is scheduled to leave Washington on Wednesday for Charlotte, N.C., where he will speak on his energy policies. On Friday, he will make an official appearance in Prince George, Va., and then head to Houston for a pair of fundraisers.