Check back later for video highlights from Obama’s speech Wednesday in one of most important battleground states for his re-election campaign.

Staff reporters David Nakamura and Anne Kornblut previewed his trip to Scranton, Pa, his eighth appearance in the state in 2011:

Every Democratic nominee in the past two decades has won Pennsylvania — and Obama did so by a comfortable margin in 2008 — but the state has grown less hospitable to Obama in the past three years. Republicans swept the 2010 midterms...

Pennsylvania, with a 9.8 percent unemployment rate, is a unique quandary for Obama. He lost the Democratic primary there in 2008 to Hillary Rodham Clinton after calling Pennsylvanians “bitter,” and while he recovered well enough to beat Sen. John McCain by 11 points in the fall general election, one former Obama official said: “Obama was never adored in Pennsylvania.”

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