Newly-elected Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D) met his Twitter alter ego Wednesday, and fulfilled a promise to donate $5,000 to a charity of the account holder's choice.

Columbia College assistant professor Dan Sinker, the owner of the @MayorEmanuel account on Twitter, was handed the check - a donation to the Young Chicago Authors after-school program - Wednesday for revealing that he was the author of the account that Emanuel said reflected his "Old Voice" and not his "New Voice," according to reporting by The Chicago Sun-Times.

The account, chock-full of the profanity that the former White House chief of staff, congressman and one-time aide to President Clinton often used on the job, was anonymously populated by Sinker throughout Emanuel's campaign for mayor. Emanuel even admitted to reading Sinker's tweets and thinking to himself, "My sentiments exactly!"

The two met on Roe Conn and Richer Roeper's WLKS Radio talk show Wednesday, during which Emanuel joked, "Here's my problem, now that he ends this, the 'Calm Rahm' may have to go away. I had this as my outlet."

The program Sinker chose as the recipient of Emanuel's donation sponsors the "Louder than a bomb" poetry contest, a weekend writing program that includes creative writing classes and a student magazine called, "Say What!" matched Emanuel's donation, and hosts Conn and Roeper each donated $1,000.

The Sun-Times reports that Sinker was visibly nervous during his meeting with Emanuel, prompting Emanuel to joke, "Dude, you have tenure. Don't worry about it -- I already called on it. You can do whatever you want now."

(h/t Chicago Sun-Times)